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Hyundai Patent Images Show Sliding/Gullwing Door for Camping?

Truck Trend logo Truck Trend 3/28/2016 Brett T. Evans
Hyundai Patent App Sliding Gullwing Doors© Provided by MotorTrend Hyundai Patent App Sliding Gullwing Doors

Hyundai may be developing a strange sliding-door/gullwing hybrid for a future vehicle, if its recent patent filing is to be believed. A document available from the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows a unique rear door arrangement, incorporating a conventional sliding door and a gullwing opening encompassing the entire bodyside.

The rudimentary illustrations depict the arrangement on a van, with detail shots inspired by company subsidiary Kia’s Sedona minivan. The sliding door operates as one might expect, but if the door is fully closed, the entire bodyside aft of the B-pillar swings up, creating a cavernous load opening for all rows of seats and the cargo area.

The filing states the arrangement is ideal for RVers and campers, as each type of door compensates for the other’s drawbacks. The sliding door, for example, would be ideal in low garages and narrow parking lots, while the gullwing provides quick access for all passengers and easier loading. Ostensibly, the upward-swinging door could also serve as an awning for picnicking and camping, provided it’s equipped with support legs and the like.

2016Tesla Model X Profile Doors Open© Provided by TruckTrend 2016Tesla Model X Profile Doors Open

Potential applications for such a door design are myriad. Although it could be expensive and complicated, if pricing could be scaled, it would make a decent addition to the Sedona. It could also be a good fit for the commercial vans that have long been rumored to make the jump into the U.S. market. Sliding doors are nonexistent in the SUV world, but gullwing apertures aren’t, so the company might see fit to include the patented design on its upcoming Genesis-branded crossover, one-upping the Tesla Model X ’s “Falcon Wing” doors in the process.

2016 Tesla Model X Front Three Quarter With Doors Open© Provided by TruckTrend 2016 Tesla Model X Front Three Quarter With Doors Open

To us, though, the design seems expensive, ungainly, and prone to failure. Still, Hyundai has proved to be an enterprising, ambitious operation, so nothing’s off the table.

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office

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