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Self-Build Small Electric Car Cost $420,000 To Build | RIDICULOUS RIDES

A man claims he has created a car that might solve the world’s traffic congestion problems. Rick Woodbury from Spokane, Washington USA, is the president, founder and sole employee of ‘Commuter Cars.’ The carmaker’s flagship model is the 2005 super slim two-seater Tango T600, a high-performance electric car that preceded Tesla. Rick told BTV: “I started this company 21 years ago – it was based on an idea that I came up with in 1982.” He was inspired by the shocking traffic congestion he had to face on a daily basis. “I used to drive a Porsche from Beverly Hills to Hermosa Beach every day and the traffic was horrendous,” explained Rick. What really made Rick think about a solution was the fact that in most of the cars he would see in his commute were occupied by lone drivers. “I noticed that everybody around me was a single occupant in a car, taking up the whole lane,” Rick said. Living and working in Los Angeles also helped inspire Rick’s unique creation. “I thought, everyone wants to get from point A to point B efficiently, and in cities like Los Angeles there’s really no centre, there’s no hub, everybody goes everywhere,” explained Rick. For him, there is a simple solution, and that is reducing the width that vehicles take up on the road so that 2 can fit comfortably in a single lane. “I don’t think there’s any other answer except doubling lane capacity,” said Rick. With a length of 102 inches this micro car can be parked just about anywhere, just like you would with a motorbike. Rick said: “The length is the same width of a semi-truck so I can park perpendicular to the curb.”The selling point of this vehicle is that it can drive in-between cars better than any other car. “The coolest feature for me to that it can get through traffic faster than any car in history,” said Rick. Much like a motorbike, the Tango T500 can drive right up to the stop line of traffic lights.
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