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We found Jeremy Clarkson's Lancia from the Top Gear Botswana Special!

After much homework, many phone calls, emails, and meetings, we finally have found the Lancia Beta Coupe from the Botswana Special in 2007. The car was supposed to have been scrapped after filming, but somehow it has survived. Join my wife, our son, and I as we finally find the Lancia Beta (Beater - hey where I'm from we don't have any Lancias...). And no, I couldn't get the hood/bonnet to shut either. We are hoping to find and film some of James May's Mercedes as well in the coming weeks, covid has made things difficult. ***I do not own it. The guy selling it doesn't really have access to internet. Someone needs to restore it*** I can help put it in a container for you and get it to a container ship in Durban. We don't have the money or the availability to get parts here. I'd love to buy it to but between the cost of shipping parts here and importing those parts through customs it will sadly just sit in our yard the same as it is now. We just found it and it was incredible that it still exists despite every article and other info we could find said it was junked and was no more. It would be amazing if we could somehow get this and the Merc to the UK and restored (mechanically but how it looked in the special) and be reunited with Oliver. Thanks! ***Huge thanks to the people here that helped point us in the correct direction!*** Updates: Since there was quite a few nay-sayers, I finally got the title and registration to prove it is the original TG Botswana Special car driven by Clarkson. The Lancia was purchased in Johannesburg in 2007 by a company called AfriScreen Films. They did the original TG Botswana Special as well as the Nile/Uganda Special in 2013. Cheers. Video and photos: all mine Intro music: John Bartmann - African Moon
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