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Zombie Elvis - V8 Miata Hillclimb Special

Once upon a time, there was an innocent little white Miata. A couple of nice guys came to pick it up at the dealership and drove it home...where things started to happen. First was a gorgeous coat of sparkly paint, which led to the car being named Elvis. Elvis got a bored and stroked engine and a big turbocharger, then got driven to California to race against other four cylinder cars. Then he got a bunch of other engines, including a high compression naturally aspirated mill...and eventually a V8. Then a different V8. Over the years, Elvis evolved. Finally, when Flyin' Miata was done with Elvis, he was pushed into a corner and scavenged of useful parts. All that was left was a husk. A corpse. Until Matt and Brian dusted him off and he was resurrected as... ZOMBIE ELVIS. Limited Edition "Tour Shirt" Available until September 17th!
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