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0 problems 100% fun logo 4/28/2016 KC

This car gets great gas mileage. It loves Sunoco - super- for some reason. I get 40 mpg easy. Between 65 - 70 mph. Has great on-ramp acceleration, try 3rd gear at 3 grand. Going to 17's is going to drastically reduce your mpg. I averaged 32 mpg, went back to the 15's for mileage. In town gets decent mpg at 32 mpg. Great passing acceleration. I've had zero issue's with my car. I have a killer 7 year 200,000 mile warranty. At 6'2 I have no issues with room , plenty of it. Motor mounts are soft. The continentals on the car are all season and I have to say great little tires. No issues with rain or now. I believe I have finally found a trouble free car that gets me where I need to go.

Average Rating : 5


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