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04 Colorado, A Fire waiting to happen. logo 6/18/2015 04colorado

I own a 2004 Chevy Colorado they are poorly engineered and use substandard parts quality.The Electrical system is a joke and I've replaced the electrical fan speed control relay and corresponding plug 3 times. Twice under factory warranty. Each time it’s close to starting a fire. 2 Year Second time @ 34,063 Miles Third time last weekend.$27 for the Resister, & $79 For the Power connection rip-off.The blower motor only lasted 2 Years, 30,897 miles. The engine thermostat never worked right form the factory.The CD player only lasted 20,000 miles. And won’t eject or play.If you plug in a trailer, with known good wiring, and blow fuses. the list goes on................

Favorite Feature : Descant fuel mileage

Suggested Improvement : Fire the electrical engineer who designed this truck

Average Rating : 2.375


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