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'05 Nighthawk Pearl TSX logo 8/12/2015 Sophia

I bought my car exactly two years ago. It is a very small and super comfortable car. It definitely is a comuter car. My 05 has comfortable tan leather seats. I love my LED lights!! I tinted my windows so the car looks even better. I had to eventually get new brakes and 3 of my cylinders blew up which was provoked by the previous owner who used the wrong material the first time! My battery eventually gave out so i replaced it. I just replaced my thermostat which was constantly fluctuating in temp in a span of 2 minutes. The costs were low and the parts were cheap. Unfortunately the car does not come with an aux so i bought a cheap mp3-radio converter. I used to be able to hit 350 mpt but now i barely get bg 330 miles (depends on traffic!!!!!!!!) Cheapest i paid was $32 for gas without any safeway discounts and the most i have paid was 65-70$ (cant remember exactly). My tank holds 14 gallons. I have seen really nice bumper body kits that make the car look nice! This is not a race car!!!!! I despise seeing tsxs and hondas built completely when in reality theyre not rally cars!!!! (I have seen a dope built tsx though. It only looks good if the owner knows what theyre doing to their car except for Honda fanatics! Stay away from those!!!) I do not suggest putting an exhaust because it will sound horrible and everyone will laugh at you. V techs produce farting sounds! You cant escape that noise..ever. Acuras and hondas are not rally cars! They shouldnt be built especially stanced.... Overall, it is a fun and cute car! Still my first car but definitely was/is a great learning experience and comuter car. Parks easily. The costs are reasonable. I

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