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08 LS460 - somewhat dissapointing logo 3/14/2015 jeffstephan

have 65,000 miles on one. Levinson amplifier went out at 60K. Found a repair shop in NJ to fix it for $700. It is 3000 if you go to dealer. Navigation is slow to put in addresses. Cannot change address while driving. Hard to jump start car as battery is very close to firewall with plastic molding above it that needs to be removed. Driver's side window switch went bad at 45,000 miles. Found a used one on ebay for $125 and fixed myself. Paint scratches very easy like others have mentioned. Sound of speakers is excellent. Decent mpg for V8. very comfortable on long drives and safe. Suspension sags into corners when driving spirited.

Favorite Feature : Sound, quiet at hwy speeds, leather seats high quality, head liner high quality, auto closing doors and trunk, wooden steering wheel, heated steering wheel.

Suggested Improvement : Prior BMW just seemed more reliable sadly. I love Toyotas and lexus and feel I had more problems with this than german cars. Had other things wrong too but forgot to mention them all. Seems like seats take longer to heat up as car ages in winter time. Put battery in better place in the event you need a jump start. Navigation system computer did not have a fast enough processor.

Average Rating : 4.25


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