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1 week in logo 6/13/2015 markw17

The exterior is awesome, nothing but compliments. Twice I got "looks like a bmw". Inside is nice, love backup cam, plenty of music options including Honda Link, "aha!". Selection btn is too far over and steering wheel could come out further, I'm 6'1'. Seat base gets a little stiff on commute of 40 miles. Got used to the cvt/electric motor after a day. Fisrt fill up MPG was 44 manually figured (dealer filled up so 2nd tank will be truer). Tight ride and steering.


Favorite Feature : Efficiency as advertised on first tank..hope the battery doesn't lose its capacity over time. Was very close to buying a Mazda 6..after alot of test drives I'd give the slight edge over Accord but the extra 15 mpg won me over. Drive/ride quality is outstanding. Good sound system on exl with plenty of listening options. Enjoying the sun roof and the bluetooth, first time with either.

Suggested Improvement : Steering wheel extend further. Get a sound knob on console like mazda, otherwise get the selection knob closer. Road noise is too high, better than Sport version but the Mazda 6, Camry and even Passat were quieter.If MPG is your biggest goal, this is your car and you'll be happy. If its not, I'd look at the Mazda 6.

Average Rating : 4.25


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