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10/10 Would buy again logo 7/7/2016 Grayson T

This review is coming from a previous BMW 7 series owner. This car in short is reliable, safe, extremely comfortable, great on gas and more! I purchased this car at 163,000 miles. Right after i purchased the vehicle, i drove 12 hours straight, and i instantly noticed how comfortable the car is. The seats are great for long drives. It also is great on gas. Got 30 MPG on the highway doing about 80 most of the time, and about 24-26 MPG city. The stereo is amazing, i ussualy listen at hugh volumes and it handles it well. As far as overall reliability, it has been great! Only a few minor fixes. This car does have a few minor annoyances, like the wood steering wheel has started to crack at the top (just surface cracks), and there are a few rattles from the dash when small bumps are hit. Overall this car is amazing. It drives great, super easy steering, easy breaks, and it accelerates exceptionally. I would reccomend this car to anyone.

Average Rating : 5


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