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10 Days Experiance Rental in California Mountians logo 8/4/2015 Dave P

Recently rented a 2015 Journey LTD with V-6 for a 10 day vacation to the Sierra Nevada area of California; Sequoia/Yosemite/Tahoe. Traveled one-half of the trip on inter-state or four-lane highways and the other on winding mountain roads with 35 MPH speed limits and grades of 6 to 12%. In total, we traveled 1,301 miles and averaged 21.02 MPG. The car was slightly over-powered on the freeway and slightly under-powered in the mountains; no complaints. Shifting was smooth and concise. The seating was very comfortable. Handling was better than expected; almost a good as a sedan. Overall, pleasantly surprised. I drive a Toyota now, and would seriously considered - depending upon the reliability rating.

Average Rating : 5


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