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10 years old and still 26mpg logo 8/4/2015 Dan Brown

Have used the 8 foot bed for hauling hay, feed, moving furniture, travel, camping, spreading fertilizer, stretching fence, etc. Unladen, it still gets 26mpg on the highway. Still gets 19-23mpg on errands in a very hilly town (1000' elevation changes 2X daily). I credit the 6 cyl engine and manual transmission and 2 wheel drive for that. Without a load, it gets a little light in the back end, so needs ballast for winter driving. Never felt the need for 8 cyl engine, even with a ton+ of hay on board. But I never tried to tow anything, either, so take that into consideration.Bought it used for 8K in 2009; happy with it. I have not found any full sized pickup with similar fuel efficiency. Bring back the stick shift GM!

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