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100,000 miles and going strong! logo 8/20/2015 Luis Esparza

This is my second Prius. My first one is a 2005. But right at 100k miles the expensive to replace door lock actuators have become intermittent! Dealer estimate was $1000 to replace them, with an oil change included... Way too expensive for a part that should survive 1 million cycles or more. Even if I used the door locks 10 times per day, for 5 years, thats 91,250 open and close cycles. My 2005 Prius, my T-100, my 2004 Siena have never had any door lock issues. What is the real story Toyota??? The forums are peppered with faulty door lock stories on the more recent Prius models. My dealer gave me some story that Toyota alerted the service centers that air fresheners affect the electronics and thats why my door lock actuators failed?!?!?! Realy!?!?! Typical actuators are $20 to $50, but Toyota decided to charge $350 each... This is a recall candidate and Toyota should make things right. Except for that, I love my Prius. Thats why I plan to buy another one shortly. My 2005 is at 260,000 miles without any major issue. That is why I am so surprised with my 2010 Prius and the lack of integrity from the service center.

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