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10k mile review (Get the Convenience package!) logo 9/11/2015 Jason

One of the big reasons we bought a Rogue Select was price, it was $3000 dollars less than any of it's competitors around here. Before we went shopping, the Mrs. demanded that whatever we buy have a backup camera, so we ended up forking over the extra $800 for the Convenience Package, which included the backup camera, steering wheel controls (including cruise control, which isn't included in the base price), Bluetooth, and a few other things. If we hadn't opted for that, this might be a different review. I'll explain why.Ride and Drive: No complaints here, the Rogue has peppy acceleration, and smooth handling. It gets a little loud if you stomp it, but overall performance is surprisingly good, and it absorbs bumps well without losing road feel.Interior: The overall impression is about what you'd expect from an entry-level crossover, with a few really good things. The seats are extremely comfortable on long trips, and they support well, for feeling so soft. The steering wheel controls (convenience package) are very easy to get used to, an hour behind the wheel will have you changing stations (or Ipod), answering your phone hands-free, and manipulating the cruise control without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. A big problem with the Rogue's overall styling is that there are HUGE blind spots in the rear, the backup camera helps a lot when backing in somewhere, but the driver has to be careful changing lanes in traffic.Rear seat room is decent, two adults can ride comfortably, three may be a tight fit, depending on size. The rear seats don't move back and forth. Cargo room is pretty good, considering the outside of the Rogue is smaller than most crossovers.Mileage: Not great, we get around 23 city, but we get 30 hwy on long trips, maybe due to the spoiler.I don't know about long term costs, but the Rogue engine is tried-and true, so I assume we'll be fine there.I like it, it does everything very well for the price. If you're thinking about about a Rogue Select, seriously, get the convenience package. Without the steering wheel controls, Bluetooth for the phone, and the backup camera, I wouldn't like this car nearly as much as I do.

Average Rating : 4


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