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10th Wrangler 8 new and 2 used logo 9/6/2015 Dan T

Die hard Wrangler fan here. Just bought my 2015 Wrangler Willys 2 weeks ago. Mileage is not as good as my 2013 but it's because of the beefy tires and 3:73 gears. Had a NEW 97, 02, 04, 06, 08, 12, 13, and 15. Used 95 and 10. Hardtops are a pain in the butt without a lift in garage. 97 and 12 were favorites until this 15. It's awesome. If you're not a priss, you need to experience a Wrangler. These vehicles run better in the snow (without the 4WD) than most vehicles do with the 4WD engaged. The soft tops keep you plenty warm in the winter. Get out there and get Wranglertized!!!!

Average Rating : 5


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