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110,000 reasons to like my Azera (Updated 10/5/17) logo 4/4/2017 Bill

The '09 Azera has been a great car. The car itself is a sleeper in value and performance. You get a luxury car, lots of extras, great materials at a reasonable price. I really like it and will continue to keep it. The only drawback I have is that the nav system changed from one manufacturer to another and Hyundai didn't contract to have the updates available. Therefore the maps haven't been supported in the last half dozen years or so. I'm sure the newer models are updatable but mine isn't. Upkeep has been routine, nothing out of the ordinary. However, tomorrow it goes in to have knock sensors replaced. The check engine light came on and the remedy is $600 for the dealer to replace the sensors (buried deep in the engine). I'm not happy about it but after all these years, I'll keep it maintained. I sure won't be trading it in any time soon. I would buy another '09 Azera that has been well maintained without hesitation. BTW, I bought it "new" in 2010. The '09 and '10 are identical and the dealer was anxious to get the older inventory off the lot.Update 10/5/2017 - It's still going strong. Now being driven by my son-in-law. The only repair was a driver door handle. Took 10-15 min to replace. I purchased a 2017 Azera Limited. It has all the bells and whistles but to be honest, I still like the handling and performance of the '09. Having the '09 with the '17 technology would be the best of both worlds. I haven't changed and would buy a well maintained '09 Azera in a heartbeat.

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