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12 yrs and still going strong logo 8/21/2015 Paul

We bought this Mailibu Maxx in August of 2005 and the only issues have been with the steering and one tierod joint. GM made good on the steering issue and beyond that it has been a rock solid vehicle. The gas mileage is always around 24-26 MPG. The V-6 engine gives this car the power to really get up to speed fast and is smooth and quiet. The hatch back design makes for a real hauler of just about everything you can imagine and with the rear seat down we used it as our ski car for years. It has great traction in snow and ice. We now have about 85,000 miles and the only thing besides the steering issue that was taken care of by GM is we replaced the battery. Not bad for 10 years of service. My only complaint is the amount of road noise when on the freeway. They could have done a better job of noise isolation. My only regret is they don't make this car anymore. I would like to find something like this other than a Cadillac CT-S that has all the features and functions of this wonderful car. We found this car to be a real value when we bought it and looking at the prices of used Maxx's they have held up over time. The 3500 V6 is a lot of power in a car this size. You can't help but be impressed. Also, it handles the curves and hills quite well. I hope GM will eventually bring this car back we have tried newer cars like the Subaru Outback and found it lacking in power and acceleration we are used to with our Chevy Maxx.update 2-23-2017: We have now had our Maxx for nearly 12 years and over 100k miles. I just put my second set of tires, replaced the brakes, spark plugs and wires, and drained and replace transmission filter (scheduled maintenance items). This car gets garaged every day and washed regularly with that said the paint, a metallic champagne green still looks like new. We have had no mechanical surprises with this car. It gets great mileage at around 24-26 mpg on a regular basis. My wife loves this car with its hatchback for all the things she transports for her church. She also has to child protective seats installed in the rear seat as she babysits our grand kids 3 days each week. We really like the power of the V-6 engine and would not consider a new Malibu unless it has the V-6 option. Mpg is one thing but under-powered is not something I would consider. All in all, we are still very happy with the decision to buy this car.update: August 2017... The CD changer quit working a couple of weeks ago. Found a factory new radio on ebay delivered to my door for $118. Now all I have to do is either install it myself or hire it done. The whole dash has to come apart in order to change out the radio. I t appears to be pretty straight forward but will take some time. Other than the radio issue the car remains rock solid.

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