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13 years of fun and reliable transportation logo 4/25/2016 Robyn Brooks

My '04 Acura TSX, 6 speed manual was the best car I ever owned. Granted, I take great care of my vehicles. Always change oil every 3 - 4K miles, service it, garage it and don't beat the car. The manual transmission is snappy and fun to drive. The only major repairs besides tires, battery and regular service was a new clutch at 102K miles. Also needed new rear struts around 93K. Besides that, this car was the lowest to maintain, even better than my 1994 Accord. I used 87 octane gasoline, not the premium that Acura recommended. I test drove the 2016 Acura ILX and it doesn't compare to the 04 TSX. Sold the car in May, 2016. Bought a 2016 Accord. Was a better deal than the TSX.

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