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13 years on 2nd SC2. Good, but glitches logo 9/9/2015 Amanda

This was my 2nd Saturn sc2. I have 14 years exp with these cars! Fall in love with this cars acceleration, it has torque power that the Google search doesn't mention. It reliably blew all V6 sports cars off the road in the 1/4 mile. This car will do 140mph, and goes to 60 in about 8 seconds!The engine seized on me completely at 50k miles (8 years old), but that might have been due to negligence on my part. Replaced engine.Everything else on the car kept going strong for 13 years, never even needed ac recharged. Complaints electrically were most frequent, grounding, fuse and voltage issues were a regular problem. Electricity in general was a constant issue. These cars handle like complete, tee-total #### on wet roads, there is no help, avoid driving in rain, no handling!!! Safety is pretty good, 2 of mine were totaled by at-fault drivers in wrecks but nothing came into the interior. The airbags should have deployed but didn't. The car is built solidly under its plastic exterior, its skeleton is built like a drag racer, it's reimbursed by solid steel rodding. Can't bust that. You cannot bust the tranny on these either, they will go forever even with abuse. All-together, a good, reliable, performance-ready, safe, nice car but with frequent glitches. I would buy a 3rd one if they were still being made.

Average Rating : 3


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