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130k and going strong! logo 8/28/2015 Brian C

Reading some other reviews on here I felt inclined to share my story.I bought my 08 Patriot Limited through a friend who worked at Chrysler. It was an employee lessee vehicle and had just under 20k miles on it. It was my first vehicle and I wanted something 4WD as I lived in MI at the time and wanted something that could handle the snow. I feel this SUV delivers on points that a small SUV should, it handles well and gets good gas mileage(I average 22 on any day). It is not the prettiest Jeep ever made when it comes to in interior, its cheap plastic dash and instrument panels leave something to be desired, but as for the drive train it has not disappointed. Other than keeping up with the Breaks and Oil changes not much has been needed as far as maintenance on my Jeep. I did front breaks at 60k and then did all 4 breaks and rotors at 105k. At around 90k I heard some clunking in the front end and my neighbor was a mechanic at a dealer who said that the Lower control Arm/Ball Joints tend to wear in the Patriot and I should have it looked at. I did, and he was correct, they were wearing and needed to be replaced, my mechanic (not a dealer) quoted me ~$750 to do it, I decided to give it a shot myself and finished both sides in a few hours after getting the parts at Advanced. Other than the listed items above my Jeep Patriot has been everything I wanted from a first Jeep. The old adage is true, you get what you pay for, this is a lower cost Jeep when it comes to the Jeep family so they kept costs low on some luxury feature, but kept the money in the critical components. It handles GREAT in the snow and I recently moved from Michigan to Texas and had to pull 5x8 trailer for the first time, and other than killing the gas mileage it got the job done without any issues (and she was at 120K at the time). I would buy this car again if I needed another good running, affordable, 4wd, small SUV for my daily life. My next one will most likely be a Grand Cherokee (unless Ford brings back the Bronco...)

Average Rating : 4


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