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1.5T= POWAAAA! logo 6/18/2017 HR34

This is just a first impression/ short term review so far.Civic Hatchback LX Orchid White. I only had the car about 2 weeks and have 465mi. My work is just north of 1 mile away and I just want to break it in already! For a base model car its not very... basic. Although the wheels aren't the prettiest, I appreciate that Honda didn't slap on a set of steelies w ugly hub caps. I originally wanted a Sonic Grey since my neighbor has one and it looks fantastic! Anyway, the wheels- they look best on the orchid white. I am actually not a big fan of the ex wheels so I am glad those aren't on my car. What I like- 1.5T= POWAAAA! light weight, Piano Black trim, back up camera, huge side mirrors, practicality. What I don't like- OEM Bulbs ( halogen in a projector= dim lighting), arm rest padding ( they couldn't just use soft plastic instead of cloth? ), rear window is always foggy, no foot or hand brake, muffler tips or lack thereof ( dual exhaust and they're hidden... why?), front windows are slow going up and down, Dirt easily gets between the windows. I've already ordered a set of Phillips Crystal Vision from Amazon and that will pretty much remedy my biggest gripe about the car. What I've done to it- purchased floor mats to match the beige interior, seat covers, window visors. What I plan to do- 35-55% tint, muffler tips, OEM mud guards, brighter headlight bulbs. It may seem like I have a few gripes about this car but at the end of the day; It's the best car I've ever had. If anything, I would say that the LX is actually the best bang for your money within the Civic and hatchback segment.

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