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16 Months of Fun and Comfort logo 5/30/2015 bendbob

With nearly 40,000 miles on the clock and a wide range of road experiences behind us now, we LOVE this car!Our jeep turns heads with its great looks and fits into any parking lot next to Mercedes or Lexus models. However, the knowing looks of other owners betrays that they are aware our Jeep is much more capable. The all wheel drive system seems seamless as we negotiate icy, twisty roads, deep sand or even deep snow. We continue to rack up carefree miles and truly enjoy our ownership experience. The few times we have needed Jeep support it has been there in first class style.We look forward to many more years of this love affair exploring the country.

Favorite Feature : Long road trips: comfort, wonderful highway ride and forgiving suspension for harsh conditions make multiple 10 to 14 hour days behind the wheel a treat. Driving at 80 plus MPH on some highways the ride remains quiet, comfortable and responsive. Mountain roads: fantastic cornering and acceleration equal fun.Towing: surprisingly easy hookup and rock solid feel with even a pretty heavy trailer behind us takes away the stress.Varied road conditions: we have calmly traversed blizzard snow, ice, deep sand, rocky hills and gravel isolated roads in the same comfort as though on a highway.We always feel safe and secure.

Suggested Improvement : There are a few niggles: The button which activates the voice command seems to be located where I frequently activate it while turning or reversing. The sun glass holder is very small and between the two of us we don't have any slim enough to fit inside. The side door storage compartments have a half divider which makes it very hard to conveniently hold things.

Average Rating : 4.875


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