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16 years haven't broke 30K logo 7/31/2015 ESTEBAN

Can't sell it now, prices are actually coming up with the hint of a new S2000 to be made to compliment the new NSX. Cracking 60 though, I would like more comfort, for you can tell when you roll over a quarter if it is head or tails, but just going to put up with it, maybe some softer tires for the next 10K miles (all they last with normal driving). Have two tops that give the car a different look, a Carbon Fiber Mugen top and Carbon Fiber Siebon fast back, both tops have people always asking me "who makes that". Took some special engineering how to get the fastback top on with keeping the soft top recoiled, but several months a few speciality shops we got it done without taking anything away from the original look if wanted. Repairs, never really had any besides time maintenance since mileage maintenance doesn't apply. Thought about a Porsche Cayman, Audi TT when buying, glad I went with the S2000. Got a cult following now and resales on eBay or in the mid to upper twenties for cars maintained and low mileage like mine, where the competition is about 10K for those cars. Oil changes are cheap, under $30 bucks at the dealer, my buddy pays about $125 for his convertible Cayman. Both are great small sports car drivers though.

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