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168,000 miles and more to come logo 7/28/2015 Ashlynne Danbury

I bought my 1992 Honda Accord with 123,000 miles in February of 2012. It now has 168,000 miles and keeps on chugging. Surprisingly comfortable ride, easy visibility in front and back, peppy 4 cylinder motor, and decent gas mileage for its age. With a car of this age, it's difficult to tell if problems are due to design flaws or previous owners. The dash light knob is touchy and you have to turn it just right to get the lights to stay on, a minor inconvenience. One of the rear seatbelts doesn't work, as if it's stuck all the way out. The trunk leaks when it rains. I've had the front driver's side floor board leak very occasionally, when it rains just right. A/C has never worked, although I had the retro fit kit put on it. Heater works good, car handles well in the snow, although even minor puddles cause a belt to squeal for a few seconds. I commute on a two lane, curvy road and the car handles beautifully. It has surprising get up and go for a 4 cylinder and I never worry about being able to pass slow cars. All the power windows work, as do the locks. Dash is in perfect shape. Clock works, all gauges work. No major repairs, did have to replace the main relay under the dash, inexpensive fix that was causing the car to not start again in hot weather shortly after being turned off. With regular maintenance, I expect this car to go another 100,000 miles. All in all, with diligent previous owner(s) who kept up maintenance and repairs, I would highly recommend this car.

Average Rating : 4


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