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17 years and 224,000 later logo 4/2/2017 Brad B

Great mileage, good reliability and only a few issues in 17 years. I have used full synthetic oil and have had not significant engine issues. After about 12 years there were paint issues and after about 15 years in Arizona the outside plastic trim has become brittle and started to crack off. Also I discovered that the sun visor material does not hold up well (which was confirmed while I was at the junkyard trying to find a replacement.). And the drivers seat spring had one failure at about 200,000 miles. But I'm about 6'5" and 230 pounds so I stress it heavily. I love the mileage I get -about 31.5 in the winter and about 29.5 during air conditioner season. I recently got a newer car but I kept my Saturn to use around town and I still would happily take it on a several hour trip.

Average Rating : 5


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