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170k miles with only one minor problem logo 4/12/2015 prichards621

I have owned this car since 2010 and have been very pleased. It had only 25k miles on it when I bought now it has over 170k with only one minor problem. I drove it back and forth from Toronto to the Metro Detroit area almost every weekend in all types of weather and have only had one minor problem: a few years ago that the dial for the heat/air quit working and some part had to be replaced costing me between $70-$100 (it's been a while). It has always been excellent on gas and starts up with no problems every time! I just got in an accident and the car is going to be claimed a total loss (no mechanical damage but too much body damage) I am sad to see it go!

Favorite Feature : Reliability!!! Gas mileage is excellent. Comfortable seating in front.

Suggested Improvement : Steering needs better response a little numb. If you buy this car make sure you put really good tires on it, needs snow tires up north in the winter! Road noise can be really bad depending on the type of tire you put on it. Should come standard with anti-lock brakes. Not much room in the back but I bought this when I was single what do you expect its a small commuter car not good for more than one child seat in the back!

Average Rating : 4.75


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