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185,000 Miles!! ***UPDATED*** 210,000 miles!! logo 3/3/2015 Chad Stevens

I am the 2nd owner of this car. Bought it in 2013 with 160,000 miles for 3k. The car's exterior was in reasonable condition, minor wear and tears,dents and dings. Mechanically she was sound. After a few thousand miles, the radio went, Clutch went, brake caliper froze up, replaced the timing belt. However, at 160,000 miles those items are expected to be replaced. Since then, everything has been great, except the transmission synchronizers are starting to fail. I still use this car as my daily driver, and commute my daily 48 miles. To date i have 186,458 miles on it. Not bad for KIA. I may just buy another when this one finally decides to rest. And for sake of argument, i drive very spirited.***Update*** Up to 210,000 miles. a small section of my exhaust rusted off, replaced it for $100. No other mechanical failures yet!!

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