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1996 Saab 9000 REVIEW logo 4/5/2017

What’s New: The 9000 sedans are dropped, leaving only the hatchback body style. Cupholders for rear-seat passengers, new upholstery for the CS and new three-spoke alloy wheels for the CS and CSE round out the major developments for this year's model.

Review: Wow, after 10 years without any significant redevelopment the Saab 9000 is still going strong. Of course a fiercly loyal following and the addition of the Aero in 1993, which gave the 9000 a boost of power which propelled Saab to the top of its class in acceleration and top speed, certainly haven't hurt its popularity. Nonetheless, the 9000 could stand to undergo the same type of revamping that the 900 got a couple of years ago, making it one of the fastest, most comfortable, fun-to-drive cars for your dollar.

Roomy interiors, quirky, yet functional instruments, exceptional cargo space, and powerful engines, in either V6 or four-cylinder turbo guise, are what make 9000s great. Additionally, optioning out a 9000 involves just three selections; these cars come with everything!

The only problem with the 9000 is that it is due for an overhaul within the next year or two; leaving '96 buyers kicking themselves for spending upwards of $40,000 on a car that will be significantly improved the year after they buy it. If you love Saabs because of their uniqueness, buy a 9000 today. If you love Saabs because of their safety and performance buy one next year, they will undoubtedly achieve even higher standards after their expected overhaul.


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