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199k and going strong logo 8/16/2015 Steve

I bought this Mariner used with high mileage (150K) because I paid 10k less than any other Mariner or Escape in the area that was listed. It's been an absolutely fantastic vehicle. My wife and I have put another 50k on her since we bought it with multiple 8 hour+ drives (both across the country and up and down the east coast). She's never, ever let us down. Beyond basic maintenance (brakes, oil changes, tires) we haven't had to do anything. The gas mileage is fantastic considering it's an AWD V6 as well. Average 22.3 with ~24 on the highway and 18 in town. In the snow it's great, the AWD works as it should, and I've never felt like I'm losing control. If we need to haul anything we can put the back seats down and have acres of space. As for comfort, it's delightful. The leather heated seats keep you warm in the winter and are easy to clean and maintain, the A/C always blows cold, and the power windows and moonroof are great features. Overall, I would buy another one tomorrow without hesitation. I know there are some that have had issues, but ours is a true gem.

Average Rating : 5


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