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2 ScionXB GREAT FOR THE $ logo 9/13/2015 Roxanne

This is my second Scion XB.POSITIVES . I loved the no barter salesWhat it was online was the price.Period .A great car for the practical person but i like the looks too.Not a muscle car peppy but good enough.Handles well.Scion XB comes with lots of great features as standard.I love the bkuevtoith which turns the radio sound off as you talk back on when done My First was a manual so bare bones but had everything i wanted and then some..Second Scion XB i did opted for an automatic as they had them on the lot but not the manual.Auto was my only concession to how it came. Scion XB Has the biggest cargo area i could find for this price car. Main reason i bought one again.I have two 170 Mastiffs which fit well in this car. Str 22ndaw bales 50 lb feed bags building material.3X2 foot cage for chickens . everything fits with the back seat down plenty of extra room.and goes down with touch of a button top of each seat No hastle at all. Roomy seating decent gas mileage between 32 to 35 mpg I like the brightly lit instrument panel in the center although different Best.. It heats quickly to cozy hot and cools quickly to very cool as 2010 had a mute button on the radio and steering wheel as well which the 2012 doesnt ..Better long distance receptionMATERIAL...BIG sticking point with me is material and carpet are very hard to clean.. Debri gets stuck in the fibers and wont come out no matter what.Dog hair and straw mostly.Seat covers do clean up better than 2010 which were the worst ive ever had on a car but carpet is still just as bad.Terrible really.They should take a clue from Focus on easy maintainence seat and carpet material.Plus I wish id had a choice of color for floor and seat covering This black would NOT be my choice.! Best if no choice would be medium grey much more practical brighten and open the interior even more.CARGO LIGHT doesnt stay on long enough to get out my groceries but minor issue BLIND SPOT. My biggest criticism of this vehicle is the large blind spots on both sides.A real danger.Many times i have seen nobody in the mirrors but a car was there .FOR SURE LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDERWISH LIST ... Id love an alarm to let you know sonethings behind you as the back windshield is pretty high .Better lighter color carpetingand bring back the radio mute buttonAll and all i probably will buy this car a third time..For the price the many standard features size roomy seats very roomy storage... just cant beat it with any other car .

Average Rating : 4


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