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2 years later logo 8/22/2015 Altima lover

I bought my 2014 Altima in September, 2013. I heard of all of the horror stories about the 2013 models so I decided to wait. AM I GLAD I DID! This car is amazing and has never let me down. In 2 years and 30.000 miles later, it has taken me to and from work and school, Orlando on multiple occasions (I live in Miami), Georgia, key west, and up to to Illinois. This car excels in long distance trips. The highest I have for a full tank of gas was 615 miles, that's amazing! The ride is always smooth and you can't go wrong with the blue tooth streaming. It can be a little sluggish(especially the 2.4L engine) but put the car into sport mode and it has a little more pick up. (You're not driving a sport car so don't expect it to take off quickly.) It is a great family car and once you fold the seats down, you can stuff that car full with stuff. (It has helped me and my friends move) I do receive complements on my car all time, especially with it being red. Also you have to love the remote start on those hot summer days. It cools the car right off by the time I get in it. This car is very safe! I have had a number of occasions where people cut right in Front of me and the car will come to a complete stop very fast. (Going under 40 mph of course) Earlier in the year I was involved in a 4 car pile up. My car was number 3 of 4. I have to say I got rear ended fairly hard, and I had the break pedal to the floor but still ended up tapping the car in front of me. When the car that rear ended me backed up, there were only a few minor starches on it! The only problem I did have was the passenger airbag sensor did not work until I took it in to get it repaired. Now no car is perfect so here are some down falls to this car. If you are only driving city, like I do, the gas mileage is terrible. Currently I'm averaging 18 mpg. But usually I average 22 mpg in the city. If you barely go anywhere, you can go a full 2 weeks and then some before you have to fill up the car. But if you add a little more driving than usual, a week and a half , maybe. (City only driving) The beige material is cheap and gets dirty all the time. (I clean my car every two weeks and find that I have to do a little extra scrubbing to keep it clean.) My back up camera loves to act up on me. When the car is in reverse, it will start flicker. (As if a cable is loose) I have taken the car into the dealership 4 times and they have replaced both the camera and the radio unit, and it still chooses to act up. However It only does it on occasion now. The steering wheel makes a loud whining noise when you drive at slow speeds. You can only hear it when the music is turned off or if someone is driving my car I can hear it from the outside as well. Also you have to get use to a cvt, it can get loud when you are merging onto the highway. Overall I really like this car and plan on keeping it for years to come. I take it into service when it needs it and I take care of my car. Other than a few imperfections, this is a great car. It's roomy enough so you don't feel squished, the styling is beautiful inside and out, the gas mileage is amazing on road trips, and it hase served me well over two years. This is a car to consider if you are in the market for a sedan.

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