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2005 Buick LeSabre seats burst in flames logo 8/19/2015 Betty Scrogham Conway

I want to make everyone aware who owns a buick lesabre. My aunt owned a 2005 buick leSabre and loved the car because it drove good, it was good with gas miles, the interior had plenty of room. Yesterday my aunt was driving the car coming back from Taylorsville, Ky. and she reached about one mile west of Mt. Washington,Ky. and mom and husband was in the car with her when my mom yelled at my aunt to stop the car because it was on fire. My aunt pulled off of the road and was yelling for help and yelling for everyone to get out of the car and the back seat under on the driver side was burning out of control. In a matter of a few minutes this car was completely destroyed by fire and it is believed the cause of the fire was from the battery which sits underneath the rear seat on the driver side. I am so lucky that my family is alive, but it could have been much worse. I want to make everyone aware if the battery is under the rear seat you will not want a car that is not safe. My mom was with my aunt and she was in the back seat on the passenger side and saw the seat in flames and yelled to my aunt to stop the car because it was on fire. If my mom had not been back there to see the seat burning and my aunt was in the car, this could have been worse. So, think twice before you buy one of these cars because next time it may be you, your children, your parents, or some other loved one. Betty Scrogham Conway

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