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2005 Grand Caravan SXT best van out there. logo 8/18/2015 Sharon

This is our 2nd Caravan. We bought our 1st one in 1994 and drove it for 10 years, before upgrading to our 2005 Grand Caravan. I love my 2005 Grand Caravan. The sleek design and tinted windows give it a sporty look. The stow-in-go feature is great and very easy to use. I like that I can put things out of sight when not stowing the middle seats. Being able to open the sliding doors and//or lift gate with a push of a button is great. I wish that there was more leg room for people sitting in the third row. In fact the only time we have actually used that bench seat is when we have had a child/children with us that is/are in a car seat/s.My biggest complaint is the rusting out of the side panels in front of the rear tires. It seems to be a design flaw as most Caravans seem to rust out in the same spot. I hate that the paint is peeling and it is rusting, since it has low milage and is parked in a garage when it isn't being driven I'd think that wouldn't have been an issue.

Average Rating : 5


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