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2005 TO 2015 logo 9/10/2015 rescuegal

Yes, traded my old lady for a new version. Have had my LX for a few weeks and am happy with it. Runs very quiet and smooth. As for a comparison to my 2005: The driver's seat is ok but would prefer the old version and no adjustable seat. Just not a good trade off for me. With less padding, I feel the new seat fabric will wear out faster and it is not as comfortable.I miss the center console in front that you can actually reach. The new one is on the floor. (safety factor)The standard wheels look cheap. You can get better Honda wheels but you might need a second job.It is time to have the ability to fold the middle seats into the floor and have a flat storage surface. Tired of storing seats in the house. (dog friendly issue)Manual is a little hard to read.Taking the above into account, I still feel that the Odessey is the best van out there.

Average Rating : 4


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