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2006 Ford Fusion Never again logo 6/13/2017 Terry

I am the original owner of the 2006 Ford Fusion SEL V6. I purchased the car after the tranny went on the Ford Explorer limited edition. Only had 105k miles. So back to it, none of the standard features were available on this car since it was brand new and It would have been considered upgrades. I was not about to spend another 3k on it. The first weekend I owned the car I drove it up to Orlando. The car drove OK, but when I tried slowing down, the anti lock brakes locked up and there I went skidding over a curb and almost hitting a light post. When I got back to margate I took it back to the dealer. They had my car for 2 weeks and said it was all fixed, but could not tell me why the brakes locked up. I picked up the car and went to work when suddenly the entire car started to shake. So there I went made a Uturn and took it back to ford. They had my car for another 3 weeks. This time they stated that the transmission was bad. ?? On a brand new car??? At the end of the 3 weeks I picked up my car again and drove it less than a mile when my check engine light came on. Are you Kidding... Again I took the car back to ford. They had my car for another week and said there were loose wires. I picked it up again and was taking another trip to Orlando. While driving at 70 miles per hour the car was shaking so bad, I thought the car was going to fall apart. So Mid drive I called Ford and they said that they would not be able to get someone out to pick me up until the following day. So needless to say Orlando got screwed up and could not get a refund. That was a $500 loss, not including that roach motel in Pt St Lucie. Well Anyways, someone came to pick me up and they brought the car back to Ford. They had my car for another 3 weeks. They said the cam shaft cracked, ball joints needed replacing, engine mounts were loose, and that I needed an alignment. Note: The car had less than 2500 miles on it. I was fed up and wanted to get rid of it. They said they would only offer me 15 for the car and I would had been upside down on it if I did trade it in. The problem with the lemon law is that the same problem has the occur 3 times for it to be considered. Well here we go again. Finally you would have thought that they would have corrected the problem. Boy I was wrong. So the car continued to have multiple issues with the engine and Ford was not doing anything. Luckily I started working for an auto mechanic place and they fixed many of the issues. Right before the warranty expired another issue happened with the AC in which it would come on and off by itself. Now this is not a temp gauge to set at 70 degrees or something similar. It was just the standard turn knob. Ford said after review of the contract it would not be covered under a warranty since it was not a temp degree sensor as listed above. After paying them to fix it, just over a year later it started again. I took it back and they said since it was out of warranty there was nothing they could do. OK so the things I had replaced already several times, brakes, brake pads, timing chain, engine mounts, ball joints, ties, water pump ( now going on the 3rd time) tire rods, oil pan, water hoses, power steering hose, power steering pressure switch, tire rods are loose again, starter, battery, etc. I would love to just go out and get another car, but would not be able to afford the payments. Ford has sent me 2 recalls on it, and neither time did ford do anything. Ford is not what they used to be. Back in the 70-80's they cared about there customers, now who cars. So here I am at 132k miles again at ford to have some of the same issues repaired again. Pressure power steering hose $450.28, Power steering pressure switch $202.16, Tire rods are loose $512.91, alignment $129.95, engine mounts $399.36, water pump $438.87, coolant flush ( just done 3 months ago) $129.95, trans fluid $229.95. Beware on buying anything ford. If you drive by a ford place, just take a peek at the service center. If they have lines on a daily basis, do not buy from them.

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