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2007 CRV - Believe me, you'd rather walk logo 4/28/2016

Feel compelled to write a review, seldom do. I know that its probably too late for many, but this car must be avoided at all costs. I have a 2005 Pilot that is my all time favorite car with 267k on it and still running great with few repairs so I was a Honda loyalist, but this car moved me to Toyota. Known problems (I wish I knew them before I bought it) with:Air Conditioning - this will break thoroughly and completely, - 2k to replaceTransmission - this will go out on you some time after 100k - 3k+ to replace. HVAC - this will breakTPMS - this has never, ever, ever worked. And here is the worst part of this. When your TPMS light is burning brightly, like the 2007 CRV light will be, always, you cannot cancel stability control via some overthought, overengineered safety mechanism. However, this turns out to be pretty unsafe because if you are stuck in some deep snow and need to spin the tires a bit to get out, YOU CAN'T. The stability control will keep cutting the engine just as you gain some momentum. This turns your expensive AWD SUV into the handling equivalent of a 1969 Chevy Corvair with bald tires. There is no way to deal with this other than pulling the ABS/Stability control fuse. You will try to fix the TPMS light by replacing all sensors and that will work for a few days and then the light will go back on. This is a permanent condition with this car. Interior - the "leather" on the door armrest as well as the seat armrests will disintegrate. Mine started at 50k and is now completely shredded despite trying to repair before it got out of hand. You push the door open using the door armrest and it will just wear this cheap leather out in no time whatsoever. Brakes - I don't really know the story here, but this car seems to warp rotors faster than any other car I have owned. Maybe it is just bad luck (or bad driving!), so this may be piling on a bit because I loathe this car but I am going to say it. This car is a lean, mean, rotor warping machine, Performance - 4 cylinder getting only about 22 mpg. The car is an absolute dog, in fact my dog easily outperforms it. I mean I knew it was a 4 cyl, but c'mon. Ok, that's enough. Under no circumstances should you buy a 2007 CRV. Forget the Honda name and rep for quality, this is one seriously flawed and awful car. I have no idea if Honda has improved the CRV, but 2007 is an absolute zero. Google around for the problems I have listed here, you will find many others having the same (especially the trans and air). I wish i had found those before I bought.

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