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2008 Diesel Grand Cherokee logo 5/9/2015 osogrande65

Great hopes for the Daimler Chrysler spawn. The Mercedes diesel 3.0 V6 remains spectacular. The Jeep QuadraTrak is amazing, when it works. Mine is so unreliable that, in the 77 months that I have owned it, I have not had the use of it for 14 of those months. First the tranny at 35k (in the end Jeep's Chief Engineer diagnosed the problem), 6 months in shop; the rear end at 60k, in a month, centre differential at 75k, 2 months in shop, centre diff again, at 80k. Now at 115k the tranny and centre diff apparently have badly leaking seals and both are being pulled and repaired to be safe (3 months so far). No warranty now so $3500 plus GST. I AM NOT HAPPY! I will not buy another Chrysler product

Favorite Feature : Love the turbo-diesel, great power and decent mileage. When it works, the drivetrain keeps this SUV stuck nicely to the road. Comfortable to drive in all conditions.

Suggested Improvement : Reliability is horrible. Oil changes are expensive but reasonable as they change 10 litres of synthetic oil out (Mercedes turbo specific grade) and extra heavy duty filter. Fit and finish is not bad but could be improved (many squeaks and rattles from about 20k on.

Average Rating : 3


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