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2008 mazda 9 yrs later logo 4/4/2017 Chris L.

I bought this 2008 mazda6 in 2016 from an elderly family member. When I bought it it only had 23,000 miles on it. In the last year I've added about 15,000 miles.. So far so good. I've done body work, (obviously no fault of mazda) , however the car did sit for a few years so it did need brakes and tires right away. Also because it sat I chose to change the Trans fluid. Since I've had it it has had 2 open recalls which were done and mazda was very quick and courteous. The car is a lot of fun to drive and technology is great for its time. Being I do own a newer subaru I feel the car is a bit outdated but again for its time I feel it is upto par. Also it should be noted that I do take the car from NJ to Boston frequently ( approx a 4 hr trip) and it is nothing but reliable and fun. My only 2 complaints are, I feel the steering could be a bit tighter and Im getting a creeking noise from the rear end when the car is coming from a cold start and is put in gear but goes away within minutes. In my opinion the car is a great value, the man I bought it from owned 3 stemming back to the old 626. I would definitely recommend the car.

Average Rating : 4


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