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2009 chevy traverse ls lemon logo 6/11/2017 Ryan mcheffey

Dont buy this car. Ive put approximately 12000 dollars into this lemon. General motors has been no help on any situation. I first purchased the car used in 2012 with 47000 miles and i have had to replace tires and brakes and suspension with in 2 weeks of purchase from mike anderson chevy of chicago. They wouldnt replace it. The vehicle was supposed to be under warranty. I then had to replace the power steering rack and the pump due to catastrophic steering failure in a snow storm. Which GM never helped with. Almost killed my son and wife. At 82000 miles i had to come out of pocket 7200 dollars for a new motor. Gm and the dealer said it had low oil which caused it to throw a rod. That was BS cause i used nothing but synthetic oil and checked it every 1000 miles because the 3.6 likes to eat oil. My headlights constantly burn out every couple of months also due to fluctuating voltages even though i have a very expensive AGM battery. The A/c system only works when it wants to because the control panel is messed up. Ive also just replaced at 101000 miles the high pressure fuel pump , fuel pressure regulator, and the fuel control module that sits exposed behind the gas tank facing the ground. That was about 2200 worth of work and parts. The last problem i have is the transmission. Its now 105239 miles and the reverse barely works and it slips in 3rd gear and 5th gear. For example the 35R waveplate. But i took it to Dralle chevy of peotone illinois and they told me i need to replace the trans for 4200. There is no way im spending that much. I am now going to try phillips chevy of bradley illinois cause they agree its the wave plate. Fyi Dont purchase this POS vehicle worst mistake of my life. Also General motors pull your head out of your ARS'ES and start taking care of the consumer and stop worrying about how much money is in your wallets cause there isnt a single dime in mine.

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