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2009 Pontiac Torrent 3.4L V6 AWDI have had a Ponti logo 6/16/2016 David

I have had a 2009 Pontiac Torrent AWD 3.4 L V6 since 2010. I get 25-28 MPG highway at 60 mph. I live in the country so for city driving I have less data. Going up steep hills hill MPG can drop to 15 MPG. Minimum MPG is 23-24 with no city driving and various driving terrain. Vehicle has 185,000 miles and gets the same good MPG as new. Car has had a new throttle body, new front transaxle, new timing chain, two new intake manifold pressure sensors, new ERG, new battery, and all fluids, plugs, and filters changed at recommended times or more often. Brakes are original and will go to ~210,000 miles. The problems I have seen with the car are a lot to front transaxle wear and rear differential wear. I have had to change those lubricants more than recommended. Also had some automatic transmission shifting issues. The transmission seemed not to be able to make up its mind. The dealership said it was OK on test drive so I fixed it myself by installing new intake manifold pressure sensor (first sensor went bad in 2 months so it took another one before problem was solved). I relayed the info to the dealership and they agreed that was the problem. Vehicle drives great in snow and ice, it has all options; Stabilitrac and traction control. Road noise is high. Buy a quiet all weather tire and it will be better. Overall I would buy this vehicle again. I like the AWD snow and ice driving. I have never gotten stuck.

Average Rating : 4


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