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2010 Audi A4 2.0 T Prem Plus logo 7/9/2016 Bob W

#1. Oil consumption - when I purchased this car it used 1 qt oil every 1k to 1100k miles. I took it to the dealer. They worked on electronics and breather and added oil. They told me to drive it until the oil light came on. Record the miles driven. Bring it back for further tests. They took sample of oil and found metal in the oil. I was told that from 2009 - 2012, there was slag on the piston rings causing oil to drip and burn causing excess use of oil. Dealer replaced Pistons and rings. My car does not use any oil. Can go oil change to oil change without adding any oil. #2. Turbo - At approx 51 k miles, engine light came on. Took car to dealer for diagnostics. Turned out to be faulty turbo. Audi extended warranty of 7 years or 70k miles covered this repair. #3. Water pump - Replaced at approx 40k miles. Out of pocket expense. Approx $600.00. #4. Fuel injectors - While I have not had any problems with fuel injectors, there is extended warranty on the injectors of 12 years or 100k miles.

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