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2010 Impala logo 3/27/2015 car_lover4

Trans failed at 72k, right after warranty ran out, in spite of having transmission service performed as specified in maintenance schedule. $2000 to fix. Got used at 25k, has always used 1qt oil/1500miles. Trans shop said trans failure is common in Impala. Low roofline makes it hard to get in and out. Cramped interior. Big trunk, but nearly impossible to reach stuff in front half because of small trunk opening. Feels like being in a compact car rather than a full sized. Would not buy again.

Favorite Feature : I had a 2003 Impala before this 2010. The 2003 felt like it was much roomier. It had a smaller engine but fantastic fuel economy. This car feels smaller and cramped but has a lot bigger engine. Lots of power, but much worse fuel economy. Ok for driving back and forth to work, kind of cramped for long trips. I do like the straight forward layout of the controls, everything is easy to understand and easy to use. Other than trans failure and using 1 qt oil/1500 miles, no other mechanical problems.

Suggested Improvement : Needs to be roomier. Come on, GM, this is the biggest Chevy you make. It is supposed to be the product flagship. This car feels way to small and cramped to be your top of the line model. Needs better gas mileage. My 2003 Impala felt much bigger and roomier yet averaged far better fuel economy in real world driving. True, this car has a much more powerful engine, but the engine in the 2003 had more than enough power, and cost a lot less to fill up. I'm pretty upset about the trans failure at 72k, right after the warranty ran out. Trans shop said this is a common problem in Impala. No excuse for this.

Average Rating : 2.25


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