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2010 Saab 9-3 XWD with 64,000 miles logo 4/8/2017 Sean Lucander

We bought the car in 2015 with 48000 miles. We love how well it does in the snow, we live in massachusetts and weather can be crappy at times. The fuel economy could be improved, however, i knew what we were buying so i'm not complaining. I would sacrifice amazing all wheel drive for 4 fewer mpg. we get 24 overall. On a trip from Worcester, MA to Lake George, NY we averaged 29. The car is fun to drive, simple to use. All the controls are easy and not confusing. The interior is nicely finished. The hard plastics are definitely chintzy general motors product. I also have a 2014 camry se v6 and the interior and fit and finish is not as good as the 2010 saab! The seats fold down and split 40/60. The dealership where we bought the car sold us a warrantee. We have used it three times in the 2+ years of owning the car. It is well worth it knowing that the parts come from Sweden and they do not manufacture saabs anymore. I would not like the car as much if i didn't have the warrantee. When people review cars, they need to realize that what they are buying is the same car they test-drove. That being said, know what you're getting yourself into and you won't be surprised with normal maintenance, do your homework and know a great saab mechanic. My family has driven saabs since the 70s. I have know a few people who have walked away from bad car accidents. They are safe as hell and well worth the premium in repairs. It's quick, but not as quick as the v6 camry with 268 hp. the saab has 210, but has amazing passing power on the highway and feels more secure than a run of the mill toyota or honda.

Average Rating : 5


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