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2010 Toyota Sequoia is a Stinker! logo 8/26/2015 Rob J.

We have been devoted Toyota fans for many years and have purchased for new Toyota vehicles in the last 10 years. Historically they have been reliable...then we bought a new $55,000 Sequoia Limited (4WD) in 2010. So far (between 2010-2015) we have spent over $5,000.00 in repairs on the Sequoia! The combo GPS/radio completely failed just out of the warranty period and we had to have it rebuilt. The brakes on this vehicle have always had major problems - going down any appreciable hill causes the rotors to hot-spot and/or warp, resulting in an alarming steering wheel shimmy. The alternator went out at just under 70,000 miles and we took it to Toyota for repairs. We were told that both the timing chain cover seal and pan seal were leaking and this is what caused the alternator to fail. The Toyota Dealer held us for ransom - indicating that they wouldn't warranty the new alternator unless we had the timing chain cover & pan seals replaced! Ultimately, (after the dealer had the vehicle for nearly 2 full weeks) the repair cost was > $4,100.00!!! It would seem to me that Toyota would have a little pride and make good on the seal repairs since clearly there is some sort of problem with their vehicles leaking from multiple seals at less than 70,000 miles...but we couldn't even get Toyota to return our calls! The service representative told us that the Sequoia was made in Texas and that they aren't nearly as reliable as Toyota's made in Japan... that has become abundantly clear to us. Bought my first new Toyota Longbed truck in 1984 for $5,800.00...I've nearly spent that much on repairs for the 2010 Sequoia.

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