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2011 535xi = Worst Car Owning Experience logo 4/6/2015 Mo

I've always leased cars and thought I should finance for a change. I couldn't see anything wrong with that decision; figured BMW quality is top notch (German soccer), performance (autobahn), and good looking (even old German cars look sexy). In order to be safe I even ditched out 5k for extended warranty which didn't cover anything.Couple months after my purchase my tires need to be replaced. Couple weeks after that I'm merging onto the freeway and my piston blows up and takes out two cylinders with it. Twenty grand after that my thermostat breaks and I have no heat in the middle of winter (thank god for electric heated seats). Couple snowstorms after that my battery needs to be replaced

Favorite Feature : Looks. I had all the packages on my set and I got endless compliments - more than I have received for any other car. But the fun stops as soon as the maintenance bills kick in. At that point the compliments just becomes taunts to your poor decision to purchase this vehicle.

Suggested Improvement : Don't finance this car - lease it instead. There's nothing in this car that'll last, sooner or later you'll replace every part. Before you know it you'll be 20k over the cost of your purchase.

Average Rating : 3


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