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2011 ECOJUNK logo 8/19/2015 John

1. Don't buy this truck.2. The motor has issues and Ford does not know how to fix them. I have had mine in the shop at least 5 times for the same issues since the week I bought it.3. The gas mileage estimates are not even close. If I drive 65 on a flat highway, I may get 17.5 MPG. On average, my truck get's 14.9 MPG.4. The suspension is garbage and Ford does not know how to fix it. I was literally given a can of WD40 by the Ford Service Writer as the solution to the constant squeaking. He said just keep spraying the WD40 on the bushings to stop the noise. I sprayed daily for a week and no improvement. My neighbors think I drive a 60 year old truck.

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