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2011 Equus - sudden acceleration logo 4/15/2015 equus2011

I bought my Equus in May 2011 as brand new car in Toronto, Canada. I had been very happy with it until its sudden acceleration happened in August 2014. I took it back to the dealership to check for the problem but they couldn't find anything. It happened again twice in the evening of April 2, 2015 but the engineer and technician from Hyundai Canada couldn't find anything wrong again. I don't feel safe to drive it so I traded it for a Genesis Ultimate. I only put in about 52,000KM to the Equus but the trade in value is not good at all. I have no choice as the trade in amount would be even lower if I traded it at the dealership of another brand.

Favorite Feature : All the incidents happened in the parking lot after backing out from the parking space as soon as I shifted the gear from R to D. It accelerated by itself without pressing hard on the gas pedal. I braked to stop the car and shifted the gear to P. Once in P, the engine revved over 7000RPM with very loud engine noise. I turned off the car and pumped the gas pedal a few times to make sure it was not stuck. The engine revved over 7000RPM again as soon as I restarted the car. It became normal once it was restarted after waiting a couple minutes. It seems something in the car was reset after a couple minutes.

Suggested Improvement : Just want to give a warning to anyone in the market to look for a used Equus in black color in Toronto. I don't feel safe driving it. It would be very dangerous if it happens while driving on highway.

Average Rating : 3.25


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