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2011 Ford Escape sever rust issuers & repair bills logo 6/14/2016 Izaak

I bought this 2011 Ford Escape brand new one owner , this vehicle has rusted out under the vehicle , gas tank rusted and wheel wells, and tire rims, muffler, drive shalf basically I need a new car. I still,have 5 payments left owing on this vehicle. It will Cost 3600.00 and they were afraid when they start taking it apart I would have more expense , I was told to take it trade it in, start over. My opinion this vehicle should of had a recall on it. Ford has seen a lot of this and it would cost them a lot to do a recall . I paid 30.000.00 dollars and basically said to me go buy another one, this vehicle is no longer worth putting money in to fixing it. My air condition went out , and water gets in the door front passenger and they told me that is normal keeps it from flooding their new design. My vehicle is sitting in Ford's shop , and I have to sit and wait for them to keep passing the buck and fiqure what to do because their protocol want let them go over their managers head. Their manager that they contacted has declined their letters, and pictures. Refuse to pay for their mistakes, all reviews I am reading on rust issuers , Ford should stand behind their product and support their customers. I am out of a vehicle at this point, paid 30.000.00 dollars for a vehicle to last me 5 years . Mark Fields President of Ford, and Phil Perry executive , you can not get in touch with them. I was told to write them a letter. Really we all know how that will go. As if the president is going to take the time to read millions of letters everyday. Managers at the dealer shops have been very supported to me, trying, calling, sending pictures . They have a protocal they have to go by. It's up to me now to go out and report this so no one else gets burn like I did. I was very hurt and disappointed in Ford not excepting the dealerships managers letters 2 letters and pictures, and they would not even give me a reason why. Just no help in repairing this rust problem. They wouldn't give me a explanation or a reason. 30.000.00 6 year vehicle load hard work paying it back and couldn't even give me a call or a explanation . Talk about hurt, frustrated, upset disappointed I was shock.Dealer ship manger at Ford was shock as well. Safety of gas running out of my vehicle and smell on inside due to rust put my family in danger when driving.

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