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2012 civic Si - from Hell. logo 7/5/2016 James

Let me start by saying this; all my life I've driven RWD performance cars (multiple 350z 05, and 07, s2000, eclipse v6 , 08 corvette) - this was my first FWD sporty car and IT DID NOT dissapoint comparing to all of those cars, which tells you a lot. The biggest issue you will see people mention is the bad interior quality, yes if you are coming from a BMW or a Lexus it will feel bad, but coming from the cars I listed above it felt like a definite upgrade. Key Pros: MPG, Torque (yes its not a v8, but a 4cyl pumping out 170 ft lbs in a lightweight sedan (2900lbs) is superb, transmission, handling. For the price & honda reliability/resale value it CAN NOT be beat, sure there are faster cars for the same price - but you won't get the reliability or the resale (gti I am looking at you) - Should you buy it ? YES. I can't wait for the 2017 civic si.

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