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2012 Honda Civic logo 7/30/2015 JoJo91

Great, solid vehicle. I had this car for closing in on two years and it never gave me an issue. I purchased it with 7700 miles and put nearly 33,000 miles on with not a single major problem. The biggest issue I had was having to change a fuse. Great car, took me and my sibling from New Mexico to Nevada with not a single hesitation. Drove it 70 MPH is pouring rain and there wasn't a single near accident scare. I loved the heck out of this car and I miss it every day. Never gave me a problem, gave me great gas mileage, and still got many compliments over our year and eight months together. This car was my baby and I think I will always miss it. He got totaled in an accident and I was (and still am) devastated. Airbags deployed perfectly- no question. Great car. I would highly recommend.

Average Rating : 5


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